Covesting review & opinion as an early investor

This is a blog dedicated to covesting reviews and my experience with it as an early investor and user.

Covesting addresses the market need for passive income and a perceived reduction of risk by novice traders because letting your funds be managed by experienced traders will certainly give some people peace of mind. As a person very wary of scams (like some we’ve already witnessed) but in need of passive income, this is my go-to solution.

I’ve been using the platform since day one and witnessed everything that has happened to it – from the daily improvements to how staff takes care of everyone having questions and answering our calls and concerns every single time. I really liked the idea behind it and that its unique to the crypto market and I see it succeeding as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

What is Covesting?

Covesting is a peer-2-peer asset platform & exchange. It is backed by a strong team of industry professionals and is on a clear path to becoming an ultimate solution for investors and cryptocurrency traders. By pairing the peer-2peer business model and the cryptocurrency investment industry, it offers a fantastic opportunity to utilize the wisdom of skilled traders in order to achieve positive trading results securely.
Ultimately it gives peace to the investor and job to the trader. Any unprofessional trader could become a star trader and show what he’s capable of.

What does Covesting offer to its users?

It offers countless possibilities and features absent on the current cryptocurrency platforms. I’ve made a short list on the subject and also a video.

Fully licensed and incorporated company

Covesting is aiming to get the DLT license in Gibraltar which will put it on the map as one of the first licensed cryptocurrency exchanges to offer real USD pairs, crypto-fiat &fiat-crypto gateway.

Copy Trading

One of the core features the platform has. An investor can search & follow up to 20 traders based on his own criteria and copy them. Copying mimics a selected pro trader’s portfolio and executes instantly the same trades.
It is profitable for everyone since the profit is shared between the investor, the trader and the platform.
All the traders are going to be monitored 24/7. The person in charge is the Investor. He has full live and detailed report on what’s going on at the moment.
You can read more about how copy trading works here.

Liquidity aggregation

Direct API bridging with some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges from all over the world.
This feature was only introduced to big institutional clients in the past and it’s noteworthy to point it out. The liquidity aggregation feature allows its users to execute trades at the best possible rates with slightly lower fees.
The aggregated liquidity offers unlimited opportunities such as:
– Market making and deal matching
– Options/Binary options market making
– Algorithmic trading strategies

Token with numerous utilities.

Excellent trading terminal.

User-friendly interface with advanced functionality.

Advanced trading tools and algorithms such as VWAP and Iceberg orders.


The simultaneous buying and selling of currencies in different markets in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.

24/7 fully devoted and international customer support & live chat – Covesting aims to offer the best support experience there is in the world of crypto.
This is a very important matter. I’ve been comparing support on numerous exchanges and it’s almost none or absolutely absent. That being said, addressing this matter, in my opinion, is a spot on.

Crypto Intelligence portal

I personally like to call it “The Wikipedia of crypto” as a result of the numerous advantages it offers:
– News outlet
– Articles
– Trade ideas posted by TA specialists
– Academy where you can explore the full tutorials and fundamentals of trading.
– Market


Taken very seriously from what we’ve seen in the recent years, fully devoted white hat groups checking the platform for possible breaches, cold storage, DDoS protection and penetration tests occasionally.

Professional team

Fully devoted people. They have combined experience of over 100 years from the world’s leading investment banks – JP Morgan, Saxo Bank, SEB Bank.
I personally love the Staff – I’ve witnessed their work and had the pleasure to talk to all of them personally. They have a genuine approach towards everyone. You can see the CEO hanging around in the telegram channel every single day answering questions personally and keeping us informed.

CEO of Covesting

Tim Voronin - COO of Covesting

Kurt Carlsson - CCO

Strong referral program

Last but not least – the referral program Covesting offers.
Lately, every exchange that operates with cryptocurrencies offers a good referral commission on the tax that your referrals pay on the exchange. This is a good way, in general, to attract more people and promote it on the internet as most of the people like me – bloggers, YouTubers, etc. are highly dependant on the income from referrals and this could create a huge stream of new users to the platform.


In conclusion
Covesting is a nice place to be. I’m pretty confident with it taking a huge part of my portfolio and spreading the word about it is the least thing I can do.
For a few years in crypto, I’ve never witnessed such a great combination of experience, transparency, and technical knowledge. As a result, the platform is slowly becoming a polished diamond.
It’s hard for me to make an assumption of what it will be worth one day.
I’ve spent countless hours researching and reading about it. While it keeps progressing, in this blog, I will be frequently posting progress, news and my stories with Covesting.